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In My Sisters Lies


ISBN-13: 978-1492706908        ISBN-10: 1492706906

The true story of the journey of life through death sometimes is not what we planned.  Being faced with the ultimate betrayal by family at a time that family was needed most is journalized at the most critical time of despair.


Questioning and searching for answers led to finding true insanity at the hands of another.    Lies, deceit and ultimate betrayal. 


When our parents die the pain is almost too much to bear, add betrayal and insanity to this painful period and you find it questions ones need or right to want to survive.



Hydrotherapy for the Soul  (Full Color Book)


ISBN-13: 978-1438224978         ISBN-10: 1438224974

Searching for a way to become whole and discovering that the outdoors and water really held the secret to getting back my mental health and helping to put me back on my feet.


Through sharing, laughing and crying I discovered so much about myself when I had the opportunity to discover what the incredible outdoors powers are held just outside of our front door.                   FULL COLOR BOOK WITH PHOTOS BY TERRI MACKINNON



500 Mile Journey of Mr. Groundhog


Watching a parent deal with Altzheimers is one of the hardest things to have to witness.  Living every day like yesterday was no different for family and the inflicted has its own journey.


I documented the time spent watching my fathers health fail slowly before our eyes.  Not knowing if he really knew who we were was always a guessing game until I nicknamed him Mr. Groundhog.  Walking into his room every morning and asking if he was Mr. Groundhog made it perfectly clear if he was really going to know who I was.


Four months of being in the hospital and walking the floors in his final day we actually counted the steps.  One of the last things that he said to me was we must have walked 500 miles.   This is our journey and the love that I found for a man that did not know who I really was.


I am still working on Mr. Groundhog and hope to have it published in 2016.  Thank you all for your support.

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