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Hydrotherapy for the Soul

Hydrotherapy for the Soul is something we all have a sense about but most of us haven't made a real connection too.


The benefits of the outdoors and being surround by water offer us healing.


Let's discover together what we have been missing.  Take a moment to change a lifetime.

Hydrotherapy for the Soul  (Full Color Book)


ISBN-13: 978-1438224978         ISBN-10: 1438224974

Searching for a way to become whole and discovering that the outdoors and water really held the secret to getting back my mental health and helping to put me back on my feet.


Through sharing, laughing and crying I discovered so much about myself when I had the opportunity to discover what the incredible outdoors powers are held just outside of our front door.                   FULL COLOR BOOK WITH PHOTOS BY TERRI MACKINNON-CROSS


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