In My Sisters' Lies is Finally Published

We have all had to deal with the unfortunate part of life called Death. Sometimes this problem comes to us because of illness, accident and the worst part choice.

Families are faced with the pain of their loved ones no longer being there for them to love in the physical world. Devistation, grief and uncontrollable pain exists in your heart when you have to say a final good bye to a loved one.

However, there is also another part of death that sometimes pops its ugly head into the picture and that is off greed. Knowing that the dreaded word of inheritance has to be now dealt with it would be so easy to think that we all know how to be truthful and honest when it comes to dealing with what the diseased would want to happen.

This is not always the case. Sometime greed, lies and deceit change the way the outcome of a loved ones wishes come to fruition.

In My Sisters' Lies is a true story of pain that happens when one person believes that they deserve everything, including adding more pain to the situation... even to those that are passing.

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