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The Dangers of Fishing Lures

By Terri MacKinnon


Tree Lures... watch out for them!




I had been warned about them, however I had never witnessed first hand or been at the recieiving end of a their wrath.


You see what I am telling you about is something called Tree Lures. They can be avoided, however as much as you want to try and stay away from them they just all of sudden appear.


It was fairly early in the day and we were fishing some shorelines from the boat. As I was casting into the shore it seemed like I was really struggling with a wild crankbait. Every time I cast out it felt like it was wanting to go in its own direction and then it happened.


My crankbait caught a tree limb. It was probably at least fifty or so feet above the water and dangling. I tried to quickly give it a jerk to release it, however it had its own mind and it was pulling back. That little crankbait was taking a stand and not going to come back to me as upset as I was.

I just couldn't think of leaving it behind, but I reached towards the pair of scissors on the dash to cut my line. Just as I was reaching the tension on the line became extremely tight and all of a sudden there was a snap.

Within a split second I felt something that I find hard to even explain. It was quick, painful and as my fishing partner yelled. Don't Move! The lure was embedded in the side of my head.


My eyes quickly closed and I saw stars. I felt woozy but I didn't hit the ground. Instead I was still standing and in disbelief that my lure would miss me so much that it would come back to me so quickly and violently.

I learned a lesson, even though it was a hard and painful one to learn it could have been much worse. Tree lures hurt. The don't always want to come back to you happily and if they do make sure that you are watching and paying attention to not only your tension but also to where they are headed when they decide to come out of there new missile launcher.


While standing there with the crankbait on the side of my head, I remembered my moms warnings about getting your eye poked out, so I was glad that I didn't have to go back to shore with a hook through my eyeball. However living with an embedded hook in the side of my head wasn't really a new jewelry statement either.


Fortunately having long hair definitely helped to soften the now bleeding bump on the side of my head. Darn that hurt!

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