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“Duncan Hayward has been fishing since the age of 5, growing up only a stone’s throw from the banks of the mighty River Thames in London; his passion for angling and the outdoors has grown over the last two decades and now find him fishing for a multitude of species with all manner of methods. To this day Duncan’s preferred venue is still the Thames, but he ventures to an array of international destinations in pursuit of large fish. He has found success on the River Ebro in Spain, The Nile in Egypt and numerous lakes and rivers in France.

Duncan has always been involved in the angling world and now works for Tackle Fanatics handling the marketing and media for the company - this ties in with his passion for fishing. He runs a number of Facebook pages that have a following of over 25,000 anglers who keep up to date with all the latest news, reviews and fishing related topics. Duncan also features in a large number of YouTube videos that have an incredible 350,000 hits!”

Duncan Hayward goes fishing

Top Tips for Fishing


Successful angling is all about applying knowledge to situations that arise in the varied fishing world we live in. There are a number of key factors which will determine your levels of success and if done correctly will help you catch the fish of your dreams. top tips are:


Location– When picking a place to fish you should avoid predetermined thoughts about hot areas. Start by finding the fish as you will be unable to catch anything without the fish being in your area. To locate the fish it is best to walk the banks of your chosen location in search of the tell-tale signs of fish. This maybe fish jumping, bubbling created by feeding, or fish simply cruising along the surface in search of food. A pair of polarised glasses will allow you to complete this task with ease as they eliminate the glare from the surface of the water. Putting yourself in an elevated position will help you to view larger areas of water and observe the behaviour of your quarry and their location.


Stealth –As with all aspects of hunting, stealth and concealment are key to success. Fish will often shy away from disturbance, pushing the fish away from your angling position, or putting them on their guard. Try setting up, moving around and fishing with the least amount of disturbance possible. Classic angling accessories such as mallets, radios and loud bite alarms are a big no no as these will instantly alert fish to your presence. Angling is all about trying to gain the upper hand over as many aspects of your environment and quarry as possible. Staying stealthy and concealed is key to any anglers success; next time your down on the bank try to blend in as much with your surroundings as possible.


Weather Conditions – Reading the weather is a must have angling skill; conditions have a huge effect on fish’s location and behaviour. Warmer weather tends to push the fish into shallow areas, or higher in the water column – look to focus your efforts on these areas using appropriate tactics. In the colder month fishing will try and find the warmest part of the lake such as the surface layers of the water, sun kissed island margins, or warm water inlets and springs. Having an idea about where the fish should be will help you to narrow your field of exploration when trying to locate your targets.


Perseverance and Determination –It is important to stay focused whilst fishing. The nature of angling makes it an unpredictable past time, and due to this an angler should be prepared for long periods of inactivity. An angler who perseveres is often successful. Combine determination with being able to read the conditions, locate the fish and staying stealthy will all help you put more fish on the bank.



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