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Family Fishing

Author: Robert Scribner


I am Ranger Rob I have always enjoyed the outdoors since I was a kid. My Father made hunting and fishing an everyday part of my life. He was a Boeing Executive, but using the outdoors as your stress relief made him a great Dad. Well, I grew up and had my own family of a great wife, daughter and son, and I started taking them fishing from day one. It is amazing what you can do with a kid on your back.


I took those kids everywhere with us. It did not stop me from my favorite hobbies or outdoor escapes. It only enhanced them. It really bothers me to see parents leaving their kids at home to do their activities. Time and time again I see folks treating their kid like they were a burden. Then years later, they wonder why they are having relationship problems with their kids. Take them fishing, biking, hiking, shopping, driving, swimming or whatever you do. Put them on your back, install a special seat, dress them real warm, buy the best safety equipment and start being a family. You will enjoy your activities so much better when you see it through your children’s eyes. They will enhance the trips with their questions and playfulness. If your friends done like your kids with you, then tell them to bring their too. If that does not work, then they are poor friends.


My kids are now in their 20's, and they still love doing activities with their folks. I have devoted an outdoor web site to them ( and created special search sites like,, and to make finding outdoor activities easy to find for your family.
Please, stop looking at your kids as something to keep you from your favorite activities. Take them along, modify what you normally do to include kids and start being a family every day.

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