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Fishing Creeks


by Author: Michael Kilby



The first question is “Why fish creeks?” everyone has small lakes, rivers, and large lakes near their home. If your area is like mine the small ponds are highly pressured and the only way to fish the larger lakes is to use a boat. Yes, I have a boat but not everyone does. The other problem is I may only have an hour or two to fish, is it worth it to put the boat in an out of the water I don’t believe so.

The benefits I see of fishing the creeks are I can fish for as little time as 30 minutes or all day if I have the time. The deepest part of the creeks I fish is just 8 feet and if you’re wading you can always walk around the deeper holes. Bank fishing is always an option especially in early spring before the weeds and brush grows too thick to get to all the good spots. When the water warms up just an old pair of gym shoes and a pair of shorts will do the job. If you wish to purchase waders I would suggest chest waders. When I use hip waders I always find areas I would like to go but the hip wader always seem to be a little too short for where I what to go.

In the little creeks by the house I have landed Large Mouth Bass, Small Mouth Bass, Rock Bass, Bluegill, Crappie, Cats, Saugeye and by accident a turtle.

Tackle is simple a medium light rod or ultra-light if you prefer, a small reel I like one that will hold 80 yards of 6 lb. test line. I have used 4 lb. test line and had no problems landing fish but it is more likely to break if you get hung up on a rock or bush. Using 6 lb. test line the hooks I use will straighten before I break the line. I have to give a plug here for Yo-Zuri hybrid fishing line because it is simply awesome.

I have found for best results which means to catch the most fish is to down size your hooks and bait. I use 16th oz. jigs and 1 ½ to 2 inch grubs. If you like using in line spinners use 16th oz. I take 4” twister tail worms and pinch off about an inch and use a size 1 or 2 offset worm hook. When fishing the creek I use a small waist tackle pouch with three pockets to carry all the tackle I need. My tackle is in the truck at all times in case the opportunity presents itself to fish a while.

The jigs, small spinners, small top water poppers work well in fast running water even just a couple feet deep. I have better luck in deeper water with the twister tail worms and small tubes. Small crank baits work well also if the water is clear.Don’t miss the opportunity to have great day fishing at your nearby creek.

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