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Anything that is used to attract fish can be considers Bait.  One of my favorite baits is actually not on a “Bait official list” – Gummy worms – Kids love them... and so do fish… at 1.99 a bag the cost is also something that you can afford with the kids.  But let’s not forget the original baits:  There is the natural live baits that we add to our hooks such as worms, leeches, insects, frogs, eels, mussels, clams, baitfish, crabs, crayfish, chicken livers, corn kernels, squid, and shrimp


Blade Bait


A fish-shaped blade made with a swinging hook and designed for fishing deep that has been weighted to make sure that it has the ability to go deep.


Buzz Bait


This bait skims the water and lets you see the action and it gets lots of attention… fish love them… so the name fits… the buzz was right. Propelling through the water with one or two sets of blades on a weighted body with a skirt and hook these baits are great.  Another secret… this bait is also amazing for long line trolling at night time.




Also known as a “Float”.  A stick or round globe like ball that attaches to the fishing line to stay on the top of the water.  The bobber sinks below the surface when a fish grabs the bait and tries to escape letting the fisher know that the fish is on.  This is a great visual product to use for a child so that they can watch and see when they catch a fish when using a worm to fish with. 


Casting Spoon


A spoon-shaped metal or hard plastic lure that has a side to side wobble that attracts fish. You will find that the spoons come with a variety of hooks fixed (solid) hook, swinging hook,  single, double or treble points each one is effect.




When we release any form of scent or live, dead, ground-up or prepared baits and scents in fresh and saltwater to attract fish to bring a group of fish closer to our boat or area that we are going to be fishing then we have chummed our water preparing the fish in the area for us to be able to fish although this really is an unnecessary practice for the majority of recreational fishing. 


Crank Bait


Most crank baits are designed to mimic a fish and are shaped like a fish made of plastic or wood.  They are designed to swim under the surface and have a variety of depth that they are able to reach. Hook"J" like shape made with metal that has an opening or "eye" at one end that you tie your fishing line to.  There are a variety of hooks that offer different sizes and uses. Circle hooks have an angled point, double and treble hooks have two or three points.




Most of the time this lure is used by rigging it with a hair tail or soft plastic skirt or worm majority of these were lead, however they are changing them due to regulations in many states.  Another name for them is “bucktails”.




A quick and easy fishing method is jigging.  Simply tie on a jig and top it up with either a plastic worm or live bait.  Drop the lure into the water and moving it in a jigging motion (up and down) slowly to attract fish this can be done from a pier or boat.




Having a leader on your line can save your lure and also the fish that you hopefully will have at the end of your line.  It is a length of monofilament, wire or other stranded material tied between the end of the line and the lure or hook. Leaders provide extra strength or abrasion resistance from the rough mouth and teeth of fish. Pike, barracuda and sharks easily can slice through regular line.  Sharp scales and gills from fish need to be avoided or protected against and leaders will help to make sure you land your fish.




Fishing line is used to put onto fishing reels so that each rod is able to be used. There is a variety of fishing line in the industry. Monofilament line made with nylon is the most popular however lines are made of different materials, including braided fibers and wire. There is fly fishing line which is a specialized line made of a plastic coating on a core, and often made tapered (changing diameter) to make fly casting easier.




Any artificial item that has been designed to attract fish and has been fitted with hooks Lures can be made with plastic (hard and soft), wood, skirted, metal, spoons, lead, lades, spinnerbaits and hard body baits, crankbaits, spinner and plugs.  Fly fishing also includes any form of artificial flies.




A fishing reel holds the fishing line that is required to be able to fish.  Reels are able to hold and spool line and control the amount of line that is let out. There are a variety of reels CASTING , SPINNING, SPINCAST, BAITCASTING, TROLLING and FLY.




A long stick that is usually made of fiberglass, graphite or composite materials and is used with a reel to catch fish. There is a variety of rods available – Casting, Spinning, Spincast, FlyFishing,  Bait casting, Trolling, Surf fishing, Jetty/pier fishing.




A piece of lead or other metal that has been designed to sink a hooked bait or lure by attaching it to the line.SnapA quick release device that is attached to a line that is used for a quick release of hooks and lures.  This is a very good item to use when you want to try multiple action lures instead of having to tie on.


Soft Plastic Lures


Extremely popular plastics have replaced live bait.  Made of a soft plastic to resemble a worm, lizard, crayfish, shrimp.  These are usually scented and sold in packages that you can keep them stored in. (Usually at 6-10.00 per pack for 10 pieces… this can be replaced for a package of gummy worms for 1.99 if you are fishing with kids.)




This action bait can be quickly retrieved and will remain at the top of the water or if slower retrieval will sink and be pulled through the water mid stream.  Spinner blades rotate around the straight wire shaft of these weighted-body treble-hook lures.


Spinner Bait


"Safety pin" style wire lures with one or more spinner blades on the end of one wire, and a weighted body, skirt and hook on the other. Used to fish around structure such as trees and stumps. Fish love these baits, don’t under estimate their use.  Night time long line trolling has been proven successful.




To prevent line from twisting and causing tangles the use of a swivel is majority of times once of the most effective pieces of equipment you can put into your tackle box.  A swivel is usually made up of two or more eyes (rings) a central swiveling part. The main goal of the swivel is for it to be used between a lure or leader and line to prevent line twist.


Tackle Box


You don’t necessarily have to have a square box to be carrying a tackle box.  Now a days you will find them in all shapes and sizes with many special features that may include multiple drawers and compartments to hold a variety of sizes of hooks, terminal tackle, pliers, scales, and any other fishing item that you may want to carry with you.


Terminal Tackle


When you hear the word terminal tackle it actually is describing anything that is put on at the end of the fishing line – hooks, sinkers, swivels, snaps, rigging… if it’s being tied to the end of the line… consider it terminal.


Top Water Lure


Watching top water lures skimming across the water is one of the reasons these lures make for the most exciting lures on the water.  These attractive baits are designed to remain at the top of the water and are made of wood, plastics, rubber and hard plastic then float on the surface and twitch or jerk along the water in a variety of motions.




Is a method of extending the fishing rod over the side of a boat while the fishing line is trailing behind the boat, usually running at a slow speed with some using a form of trolling motor or trolling plate to keep the speed not only constant but to keep the boat at slower speeds.  Trolling socks are also used when needed in windy days.  When an angler wants to cover a large area of water looking for fish this method is the one that is definitely used most. 


Trolling Spoon


Although they call them spoons, mostly it comes from the shape of the actual lure.  Usually they are found made in metal and the most effective types are Gold and Silver.  Using large spoons trolling them behind a boat is just one way that you can use this lure, another is to tie it on and take a cast and retrieve it quickly as they do sink if you allow the lure to stop.


Tube Bait


Although they take a little bit of time to catch on with the action of the bait, these soft plastic baits are tubular lures and fish just love them.  They have special weighted hooks that are inserted into their hollowed out body, tied on and tossed into the water.


Weedless Spoon


When you fish with a weedless spoon you are able to go into the weeds with less worry.  These spoons are equipped with a fixed hook and guard so that its wobbling action can navigate the weeds.

Fishing Glossary... what does it mean?

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