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Another way of fishing - so why a Kayak?


By Terri Mackinnon

Peace and quiet, no motor to scare away those fish… just you and nature and of course the fish. Most will agree that fishing from a Kayak is definitely the way to go. When you ask a kayak fisherperson why the love it you will find that the experience each one of them has had is usually unique and geared to the individual. I will try and make this a little easier and clarify some of the reasons that this is becoming one of the hotter fishing sports.

1. Kayaks are an inexpensive solution compared to owning a boat.

2. They are easily able to be transported on the top of a vehicle with tie downs.

3. There are a variety of different types of kayaks that are available with the open version of kayak (the type that you are able to just ‘sit on the top) being the preferred by most anglers. This variety is an easy solution to be able to easily manoeuvre onto and off of when required offer the angler the opportunity to be able to sit on top of the water.

4. Kayaks are able to cover vast areas of water as opposed to remaining on shorelines or docks.

5. Getting into shallow grassy or muddy areas are still easy to enter when using a Kayak which even with hip waders may not be the best thing to do for fear of becoming stuck in area’s.

6. It offers far more options for the angler to now be able to be able to fish as they are now able to take their Kayak with them fishing on any pond, stream, lake or river that they find when they are out exploring.

7. Kayak fishing offers anglers the opportunity to escape from the over populated fishing areas and discover areas that may never have had anglers ever fish them.

8. Kayaks contain No fuel – You are the fuel ... you are the Power and it’s so easy.

9. Quick and smooth kayak fishing is one of the easiest techniques around to learn.

10. Peace, serenity and you and the fish… nothing gets between the quiet you will find... except… the splash of that fish coming out of the water as you get to fight it.

It makes no difference where you are once you see water you can get your kayak to it; they are relatively easy to carry and be able to handle on your own… so you are ready to go. They will float with a minimal about of water below them (6 inches) and the majority of kayaks you will find are built to carry around 350lbs (Remember.. that is angler, tackle and of course all of the fish you are going to catch.) Never ever overload your kayak with unnecessary tackle, reduce your tackle bag before you go out there (or create a new smaller version). Don’t forget that you will also need some refreshments, bug spray, suntan lotion and sunglasses.

One of the advantages of kayak fishing is you are able to enter non-conventional boating area’s that have been designated “no fishing with a Motor” zones or even those areas that are totally unreachable by any other means other than walking in, which means that you man have to go by portaging (walking) the kayak to the waterway. But remember that means that probably not many have ventured into this unseen terrain. What a great way to discover what so many others are missing.

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