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Enjoying the Outdoors

By Terri Mackinnon


At what cost must we endure to enjoy the beautiful outdoors?

We have been told by medical professionals that we must make sure that we protect ourselves from the sun and outdoors elements and it is suggested that we use appropriate products to ensure our well being. There are many UV products today on the market available to ensure the safety of our family from the sun.

We must also look at protecting ourselves from another major problem in the outdoors - bugs. However not only do we have to protect ourselves against the consequences of possible diseases such as Lyme and West Nile, we need to also ensure that the protection that we are using is not more of a dangerous then the possibilities of the disease.


Chemical based repellents such as Deet are extremely dangerous to our health and need to be considered unsafe when we use them as they are recommended.


Recently I spent time in the serene and magnificent Algonquin Park. Although it seemed like we were miles away from civilization and on our own, we actually found out quite quickly that we were definitely not alone and we had alot of company.


It seemed that we actually stumbled upon a huge convention that was being attended by a million or so mosquitoes. It was evident that they thought our campsite was the buffet table and we were the actual buffet.

Although we had a variety of bug sprays, candles citronella scent, screens, grids and lanterns, it wasn't long before we knew that there was not going to be a quick fix to keeping the mosquitoes under control. Our arsenal was full and each and everything we had brought with us was going to be needed.

We were prepared to enjoy the outdoors. Battle or not, we were ready for it, or so we hoped.


I had the opportunity to try out a new product called the BugBam Grid. I could only hope that it was going to live up to its promise and help defend our tent. If there was ever a time that the grid was going to be put to a huge challenge then this was definitely going to be it.


I decided to actually use the product and put it in our tent. I really don't like the deet related sprays and the citronella candles but this one claimed to be safe and still work. I was extremely sceptical and I did have back up if required. One of my pet peeves is definitely buzzing mosquitoes in my ear. There is absolutely nothing worse then listening to them flying around your head as your try and close your eyes and go to sleep.


Twenty minutes before we went into the tent I hung it inside and the Grid went to work. As difficult as it was getting into the tent without a thousand mosquitoes getting in it was quickly apparent that the mosquitoes were not actually coming any where near us and we were not being attacked even by the ones that managed to squeeze by us and get in. All night we had a pleasant mosquito free sleep. Even the ones that came in left us alone all night.


A couple weeks after Algonquin I decided to try the Bugbam band at the cottage and I also had success. I would however recommend if you are going to be in a highly infested mosquito area to wear a couple of the bands, I did find that when the mosquitos came out later in the evening I put one around my ankle and one around my wrist and I was not bothered at all.

These bands and grids are DEET Free and offer a great alternative to worrying about using unsafe chemically enhanced products.


Here is more information from BugBam. Check out there site



they carry a supply of Wristbands, Repelling Fans, Multi-packs, Pet Products, Other Repelling Products, Attractive Apparel



Bug Bam uses a proprietary, DEET FREE formula that NO ONE ELSE has. It was created by Joseph Symond himself and is the ONLY brand of 100% natural repellent that has been scientifically tested and proven to work by the #1 entomology labs in both Australia and the USA! Read more about it here: THE TRUTH ABOUT NATURAL REPELLENTS


Mosquitoes and other flying, biting insects need blood in order to lay their eggs. The female Mosquito that does this through the use of ‘receptors' that pick up the scent (inc. carbon dioxide, breath, sweat, lactic acid) of a person or animal that matches the blood they are looking for.

Bug Bam works by emitting an ‘aura' of all natural, plant-based essential oils (hence the strong - yet pleasant - smell each product releases). Our formula is proprietary and based on the most effective, safe, all-natural and scientifically proven, EPA/FDA approved repelling ingredients available.

The Bug Bam ‘aura' masks these odors we humans (and our pets) emit, effectively making you smell like a plant! [See Diagrams 1 & 2. below]

Mosquitoes and other flying, biting insects look elsewhere as they can no longer find their victims thanks to Bug Bam!


Test Results

The Bug Bam range of mosquito repelling products has been submitted to rigorous testing to evidence that the science behind our products gives us the BEST, SAFEST & MOST EFFECTIVE ALL NATURAL MOSQUITO REPELLENTS AVAILABLE.



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