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Fishing when is smelly really an Attraction?

By Terri Mackinnon


Fishing with the advantage.


These powerful attractants can make a difference. I found that they actually stayed on longer then some of the other scents that are currently on the market. It comes in a variety of scents as follows: Bass Max, Bass Feast, Bass Hammer, Sand Shrimp, Shrimp, Special Mix, Shad, Salmon Egg, Salmon Feast, Crawfish, Crawfish/Anise, Craw Blend and let's not forget Nightcrawler. Liquid Blend is also available in: Anchovy, Baitfish, Anise, Herring, Walleye Feast, Krill Xtra, Trout Enhancer, Sturgeon Feast scents.


Smelly Jelly has an amino acid base that keeps it working longer. It also comes in a full range of flavors and product sizes, This bait is amazing if you are going to be out fishing for Bass large or small, Salmon, Trout, Walleye, Steelhead, Pike, Crappie and even Bluegill. The scents are used by professional anglers and those weekend warriors that want to brag when they return back to the shore. If you are looking for the secret to great fishing look no further. You can find Smelly Jelly at a variety of tackle shops and if you check out Cabelas you will also find it.


Smelly Jelly is also available online at get them to send you out your supply and start catching real fish.

Smelly Jelly comes in 2 varieties - Solid or liquid scents. Both formulas come in two sizes 1oz and 4oz jars to meet your needs. (I would definitely recommend the 4oz why run back to the store for more. You will be glad you did.)


Solid versus Liquid: The difference really is preference. Personally mine is the solid however the liquid version is great for injecting those baits and comes in a squeezable bottle so you don't have to put it on with your fingers. Smelly is easily cleaned up so don't worry about going out later and still smelling like your bait that won't happen.


ESPN Women's Bassmaster Pro Angler Renee Brisendine has been using Smelly Jelly for the past couple years and has seen an incredible growth with the product as more people are catching on. Here is what she has to say about it.

"I don't throw anything that doesn't have Smelly Jelly on it. Using this product either in the liquid or paste puts a scent trail that the bass cannot resist. Once the fish get the taste they hang on longer which help to increase the number of bass I catch."

It is definitely making a difference for the professional anglers that are relying on every benefit that they can get in a tournament. Let's not forget those that would like nothing better than to look like a Pro to their fishing buddies over the weekend. I'm sure you know who you are!


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