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Secret Fishing Bait

By Terri Mackinnon




What's in your tackle box?




It's such an exciting time of year when opening fishing season starts and we finally get the opportunity to trek to the tackle store to get some new and exciting lures as the season begins. Going into the store and seeing my good faithful baits up against some beautiful new designs makes it difficult to not at least try some possible winning lures in some of the great new colors.

Many women get excited about the new spring clothing line collections that are coming out, I however find myself also as eagerly excited about what the new baits and fishing line of the year will be. Opening weekend is finally the time when I get to head to the big box tackle stores and start to shop for the season.

There is only one other time of year outside of Christmas and opening weekend that could be as exciting and that would be in July. The International Convention of Allied Sportfishing Trades (ICAST) is held every July in Las Vegas and it's actually like the Academy awards of the fishing industry.

ICAST however offers a different type of lure. Their runway is lined with a variety of tackle makers each eagerly willing to unveil their new wares to the industry. The manufacturers reveal what's hot, new and exciting for the following year and awards are given to the companies that offer innovative products to the marketplace. The results are always made available shortly after the show as to who won and what's new so that I can preplan for my opening season the following year.

I have found that Tackle Trade World Magazine offers one of the most comprehensive coverage of the ICAST show and other shows worldwide. Because of this TTW has become my favorite tackle magazine.

One of my personal favorites that came out of the show this year was a product that will add to your lures. It's actually a skirt maker made by This is a very cool skirt maker kit that should be in every ones tackle box. Sometimes we forget about how flexible adding a skirt to your lures can be, check them out.

There is not an angler out there that doesn't have an inner desire to find that secret lure and keep a good supply in their tackle box. The real secret to any successful lure is really consistency. I have found effective baits that continually make my fishing adventures successful and I consider them my go to bait.

However, I cannot stop myself from going into my local tackle shop and picking up that new shiny multi colored bait that promises even more success, hoping that it offers the Holy Grail in fishing. When will I ever find that real secret bait? Or does it even exist?

Until I find the One that works for everything I will have to just keep trying new ones. Someone has to do it the manufacturers are counting on us.

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