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Summer Bass Fishing

Nice weather it's time to go fishing!

By Terri Mackinnon


In many areas of Canada we have seasonal Bass fishing so before anyone begins fishing it is very important that they first check the Starting and Ending Dates that you are able to fish. Opening season begins after spawn has taken place and this is usually just as the summer starts to heat up. At this time the spawning fish are now leaving their nest and they are beginning their decent to deeper feeding waters.


I have always found success in locating bass by looking for areas that contain the following


• Rocky type lake beds

• Any area around a point that contains a slope around rocks

• Sharp drop off ledges

• Around islands (Find the moving current and stay near the bottom of it)

Baits to use:

• Bass love Shad

• Crankbaits with a variety of actions and depths (Try retrieving at different speed)

• Top Water Baits (They may be deep – but the fish will come up to the top anyway)

• Finness Worms/Plastics/

• Baitfish /Crayfish colored baits.

• Spinnerbaits


Spinnerbaits and crankbaits along rocky drop offs and adjacent to weedy shelves, especially in clear water, is one of the most exciting brands of bass fishing to be enjoyed anywhere.


What about Color?

Smallies really like the color chartreuse, bright greens, oranges. Green Pumpkin as a popular color in soft fishing bait.  My favorite go to color is bubble gum pink.

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